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Timorris is male model from New York. He describe himself as hard working person and willing to help anyone especially his family to achieves whta they dream. He came to Los Angeles to pursue his desires to working as male model/singer and actor. this sexy black stud said that he was a driven individual and strong competitor for things that he want. This sexy men always postive to see anything that he want achieved.

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Timorris Bio/profile:
  • Full Name : Timorris
  • Nickname : Timo
  • Hometown: Los Angeles
  • Resident : LA
  • Ages : 21
  • Height:     6' 3"
  • Weight:     175 lbs
  • Neck:     16"
  • Sleeve:     36"
  • Chest:     40"
  • Waist:     32"
  • Inseam:     32"
  • Shoe:     13.0
  • Hair color:     Black
  • Hair length:     Short
  • Eye color:     Brown
  • Ethnicity:     Black
  • Skin color:     Brown
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