Donald A Carmichael

Donald Carmichael is experienced male model from New York city. He was originally come from Atlanta. Donald describe himself hardworking person and instered in finding casting and networking with peoples in fashion industry.

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Donald a Carmichael Bio/Profile
Fullname : Donald A Carmichael
Nickname : Don
Ages : 23 years old
Height:     6' 1"
Weight:     160 lbs
Shoe:     11.0
Hair color:     Black
Hair length:     Short
Eye color:     Black
Ethnicity:     Black
Skin color:     Brown
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Timorris is male model from New York. He describe himself as hard working person and willing to help anyone especially his family to achieves whta they dream. He came to Los Angeles to pursue his desires to working as male model/singer and actor. this sexy black stud said that he was a driven individual and strong competitor for things that he want. This sexy men always postive to see anything that he want achieved.

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Timorris Bio/profile:
  • Full Name : Timorris
  • Nickname : Timo
  • Hometown: Los Angeles
  • Resident : LA
  • Ages : 21
  • Height:     6' 3"
  • Weight:     175 lbs
  • Neck:     16"
  • Sleeve:     36"
  • Chest:     40"
  • Waist:     32"
  • Inseam:     32"
  • Shoe:     13.0
  • Hair color:     Black
  • Hair length:     Short
  • Eye color:     Brown
  • Ethnicity:     Black
  • Skin color:     Brown

Zenith Harvey

Zenith Harvey is New York based male model who originally from Dominican Republic. I tell you this sexy black hunk have some exotic look, you won't find his kind of type face in Black American men feature. Well he describe himself as Hispanic instead black but everybody can identified him as Black men. Whatever it is Zenith is the best!

Zenith Harvey bio/profile:
  • Full Name : Zenith Harvey
  • Nickname : Harv
  • Resident : New York
  • Hometown : Dominican Republic
  • Ages : 25
  • Height:     6' 2"
  • Weight:     184 lbs
  • Waist:     32
  • Inseam:     0"
  • Shoe:     10.5
  • Hair color:     Black
  • Hair length:     Short
  • Eye color:     Brown
  • Ethnicity:     Hispanic
  • Skin color:     Brown
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Revv is male model from New York. Well he ws originally from Detroit, Michigan but moves to Atlanta to study in College. In College Revv join many fashion show and get a lot of positive feedback. He already travel all around the world including Paris, London, Milan, Rome,and Berlin.

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Revv Bio/Profile:
  • Full Name : Revv  ????
  • Nickname : Revv
  • Birth Place : Detroit, Michigan
  • Resident : New York
  • Ages : 32
  • Height:     6' 2"
  • Weight:     175 lbs
  • Neck:     16"
  • Sleeve:     35"
  • Chest:     40"
  • Waist:     30"
  • Inseam:     34"
  • Shoe:     12.
  • Hair color:     Brown
  • Hair length:     Short
  • Eye color:     Brown
  • Ethnicity:     Black
  • Skin color:     Brown
  • Contact :

Ike Black

Ike Black is male black model from New York. I noticed that he look like Kanye West little bit, or he could be the Chubby version of Kanye West. LOL. But anyway this super sexy black dude is famous male model in New York. He already working with some big clothes company like Calvin Klein, Prada,and Armani. This dude could be the best black male model these day!

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Ike Black Bio/Profile:
  • Full Name : Ike Black
  • Nickname : Ike
  • Ages : 24
  • Birth Place : New York
  • Resident : New York city
  • Hair : Curly Afro
  • Eyes : Hazel
  • Height : 6'0
  • Weight : 182 lbs
  • Body Type : Swimmer
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Charles Flanagan

Charles Flanagan is male model from Arizona. Like other black male model, he also started his career as Football player in his High school and college. But then when football is not promising his future anymore, this sexy black hunk changer his career away as male model. He one of top candidates to be the next Tyson Breckford as black male supermodel. I hope he did!

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Charles Flanagan Bio/Profile:
  • Full Name : Charles Joseph Flanagan
  • Nickname : Chuck
  • Ages : 21
  • Birth Place : Arizona
  • Resident : New York City
  • Hair : Short Curly
  • Eyes : Black
  • Height : 6'2
  • Weight : 188 lbs
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Ronnie Nitro

Ronnie Nitro is LA Based black male model who get famous from Hason Harris photography. He was signed to Nous Model Management and now live in Miami to pursue his dream as male model. He said that he was ambitious person to get what he want in his life. This sexy dude still single and prepared his first time to be magazine Coverboy.

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Ronnie Nitro Bio/Profile:
  • Full Name : Ronald Nitro
  • Nickname : Ronnie
  • Ages : 20
  • Place Birth : LA
  • Resident : Miami
  • Hair: Short Afro
  • Eyes : Brown
  • Occupation : Model
  • Height : 6'1
  • Weight : 186 lbs
  • Agent : Nous Model Management
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